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Towards unifying the spirit!

This is how Aikido, the Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (O- Sensei), can be translated. This sport is widely recognized as a highly effective method of personal development, physically, mentally and spiritually. Here, fitness is extremely important, and is developed gradually through training.


Classes schedule

  • 1st Quarter Classes 14.09 – 06.12.2015, 24 sessions 
  • 2nd Quarter Classes 11.01 – 03.04.2016, 24 sessions
  • 3rd Quarter Classes 4.04 – 26.06.2016, 24 sessions 


Groups   Age   Program
Children:   5 - 7 years old   Monday & Wednesday, 4 – 5 PM
Children:   7-9 years old

  Tuesday & Thursday, 4 - 5 PM

  Monday & Wednesday, 5 - 6 PM



Number of sessions


Prices for members

Prices for non-members

Individual lessons (available upon request)

1 session
10 sessions

1 time
2 months

40 EUR
330 EUR

50 EUR
450 EUR

Group lessons

24 sessions - 2 sessions/ week, 60'

1 Quarter

220 EUR

250 EUR


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22 August, 06 PM

Nike Find Your Fast

Hapiness is just a ran away! Find your perfect rhythm and sign up for the “Find Your Fast” competition: you have the chance to test the newest Nike FA17 running shoes and to discover how fast you can...
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08 July, 05 PM

Storigami workshop

Storigami is the art of telling stories while creating the objects in the story through origami art. We invite all our young members aged 4 to 7 to an creative workshop by „Să creşti mare” where they...


Nicolae is presently the Technical Manager of the Aikibudo Athletic Club, the vicepresident of the Romanian Pangration Athlima Asociation, Vicepresident in the Disciplinary Commision of the Romanian Martial Arts Federation and Technical Manager of the Romanian Aikido Federation. As if that isn’t impressive enough, Nicolae’s diplomas and degrees include: National shooting coach, National Aikido and Ju Jitso coach, diploma from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo Foundation in Japan and a diploma from WJJKO and the Romanian Martial Arts Federation.




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