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"Femininity, grace and confidence"

Ballet has amazing benefits on posture, mobility and body balance. The practice of this course contributes substantially to the harmonious development of the body, grace and mobility. The ladies who will choose to practice this kind of dance, in addition to the physical abilities they will acquire, will learn to express their femininity and to trust their own strenghts.

The course includes basic ground and bar exercises, using simple combinations that allow participants to refine their technique, musicality and body movements, paying great attention to the ability to concentrate on every part of the body.

Ballet Classes at Stejarii Country Club begin starting with September 4, 2017.

For individual classes appointments, please contact Concierge.




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85 euro

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440 euro

460 euro


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Andreea graduated from Floria Capsali Choreography High School in Bucharest and later the Ion Luca Caragiale University of Theatre and Film, choreography department. Her successful projects include: performing in "High Park Adress", choreographed by Vlad Merariu and played at the Odeon Theatre; dancer in the project "Uninvented Theatre" played at Patria Cinema; she was part of the team "Cirque Etoile" with whom she played in the distribution of "Zaronia"; in 2014, she performed alongside Loredana Groza at the concert "Reveria" at Sala Palatului.




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