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Dance is one of the first types of art that children can appreciate, but also of the funniest forms of physical activities that the child can do. Combining body exercises with the soothing sound of music and emotional expression, dance is a form of self-expression and creativity. Dancing not only has positive medical effects (increases child’s flexibility, range of motion and physical strength, corrects poor posture, increases balance and coordination), but also stimulates the interaction with other children and the development of social values, as the child learn to communicate ideas to others through the “language of the body”.

Classes: Street Dance and Contemporary Dance (7-12 years)


"Lots of energy, fun and creativity"

During street dance classes, children will learn the basic moves of the most popular dance styles in pop-dance and hip-hop culture, mixing the dance steps into dynamic and fun choreographies. They will also develop their physical condition, coordination, moving creativity, team spirit, rhythm and musicality through a range of interactive techniques and exercises.

The course’s curriculum includes warm-up through age-appropriate dance techniques, choreographic movements and exploration of the imagination sphere through improvisation on various themes and directorial play.


"The art between theater and dance"

Contemporary dance is a dance style based on interpretation and sensibility, which gives the optimal opportunity for full expression of freedom and body expressivity. By practicing it, children have the possibility to behave organically, regardless of their physical abilities. Among the benefits applicable to everyday life, it should be mentioned that contemporary dance improves and helps achieving a correct body posture, activates and develops the child’s motric and creative potential, exercises memory and increases body awareness, improves interpersonal relationships and self-knowledge by correlating both emotional and physical sphere.


Dancing Academy at Stejarii Country Club open its gates starting with September 4, 2017.

Dance instructors: Mariana Gavriciuc, Gabriela Neagu


Academy Classes Schedule:

1st Quarter: 4.09.2017- 3.12.2017

2nd Quarter: 4.12.2017 – 18.03.2018

3rd Quarter: 19.03.2018 – 24.06.2018



Tuesday  18:00-19:00 – Street Dance

Wednesday  18:00-19:00 – Contemporary Dance

Saturday 11:00-12:00 -Street Dance



Number of sessions


Prices for members

Prices for non-members

Private lessons

1 session

1 time

85 euro

95 euro

Private lessons

10 sessions (2 persons)

2 months

440 euro

460 euro

Group lessons

10 sessions (3 to 6 persons)

2 months

300 euro

320 euro

Group lessons

24 sessions (minimum 6 persons)

1 quarter

355 euro

390 euro


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