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KIDS GROUP CLASSES (free of charge)

We invite you to discover group classes for children and teens. They were designed to meet the specific needs of children and teens, both in terms of harmonious body development and of improvement of their coordination, strength and strength.

The mix of classes and the schedule, both during the week and the weekend, responds to the parents' requests, while attending the school program.


Kids Fusion Dance - a mix of dance styles for children with Andreea Mihaesi & Mihai Mateas

Every Thursday at 5pm, we invite kids aged  6 to13 years that are members of the Club at Kids Fusion Dance, a class that combines more dance styles to make the little dancers fully enjoy movement, develop their creative side and spend free time in an educational and entertaining way.


Zumba (4 - 10 years)

Zumba classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. It helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children's lives by making fitness fun.

*Max. 25 children. Dance studio first floor.


Move and Balance for Happy Healthy Kids 

Movement is the main way children learn and develop themselves in their first years of life. A child who learns to control his / her body in early childhood will learn skills and develop his / her mobility and will be able to easily practice any type of sport later.

The Move and Balance program has as main goal the harmonious development of the child's body through gymnastics, yoga and mindfulness exercises.
The children will learn how to roll, how to sit in their hands, make the wheel, jump the rope, play with the ribbon and circles, make the bridge. Other driving habits will be developed through exercises presented as a game. Children will also benefit from the social component of teamwork.


Little Gladiators (6 - 13 years)

The training sessions aim to develop both the psychological and physical side. Our class combines traditional martial arts benefits (discipline, courtesy, self-control, trust, focus, teamwork) with the advantages of an efficient self-defense program (heightened awareness, security, specific practices).

*Max. 30 children. Martial arts studio.


Aqua games (5 - 11 years)

The Aqua Games class promises plenty of fun in the water.Our little swimmers will perfectionate their swimming techniques and will participate into seagulls and individual competitions. The perfect class for children who love water and know the basic swimming techniques.

* Max.10 children. Indoor swimming pool.


TEENS CLASS: Train Smart, Grow Strong (12 - 16 years)

A complex training specially designed for teens, perfect for harmoniously developing their body, using coordination and strength, balance and strength exercises, using both body weights and trampolines,  steppers and balls for an explosive atmosphere.

Squash courts.


*Sign up at the Concierge.

To participate in the classes, please register at the Concierge 24 hours in advance.

Classes are supported for at least 3 registered children.


Activities Info


10 AM






Move and Ballance for Happy Healthy Kids (4-9 years) (60')


11 AM







Aqua Games (5-11 years) - Indoor swimming pool (60')
4:30 PM



Little Gladiators (6 - 13 years) - Martial arts studio - anulata din 27.06 (60')





5 PM
Zumba (4-10 years) Studio Balet 1 (60')








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01 August, 08 AM

Aqua Gym & SUP Yoga events

Pool relaxation and outside aerobics exercises are the perfect incredients for a memorable summer day. On August 1st, we invite you to participate in a two-hour sports event that mixes the moments of...
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24 June, 09 AM

SPORTS ODYSSEY 2018 | June 24th, 9 AM – 5 PM

Sunday, 24th  of June, we have the pleasure of inviting  you to participate in the Sports Odyssey Event at Stejarii Country Club, an Doors Open Day Event where we celebrate  the passion for sports...


From her standing position as Fitness Manager, Iulia is responsible for coordinating Stejarii Country Club’s fitness zone, managing the team of professional trainers and setting up personal training appointments. Iulia has earned the title of Elite Master Trainer on Personal Training while attending the Scandinavia School and has over 10 years of experience in collaborating with numerous high end sports clubs. Another thing that sets Iulia apart is the fact that she was a professional athlete for over 8 years and was a high jump national champion. She is also a graduate of the Romanian-American University’s Management and Marketing Faculty and is on her way to recieve a Master’s Degree in nutrition from the Sports and Physical Education University.

Vlad Bucsa is one of our qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at Stejarii Country Club. He is a triple World Champion and double National Champion in Ashihara Karate and a person who is truly passionate about health and fitness. His goal is to help people achieve their goals. He strongly believes that movement means health. “Challenge Yourself! Train with me and let’s architect your body!”.

Alexandru received his license from the Physical Education University and also has a Master’s Degree in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Personal Training. He is an international Power-Plate instructor and IRB Strength and Conditioning Coach, with many degrees in various sports and fitness activities. His athletic records are also very impressive. Alexandru is a three times National Champions and double Vice Champion in track and field and was also a member of the Romanian National Rugby team. His go to words are "If You've Got The Will, I've Got The Way!"

Licentiate in Sports and Pharmacy but having lived "a life on the bike", Alex comes from a family of athletes and holds over 30 National Champion titles and 7 distinctive T-shirts at the Romanian Tour.

Marga has been passionate about sport since an early age, which is why she decided to study and teach this discipline. She is Professor of Physical Education and Sports, Trainer accredited by Balanced Body Pilates University, Trainer of EXO Chair Pilates and Trainer of hipo-progressive gymnastics and postural re-education. Always positive and paying attention to the smallest details, Marga helps her clients to overcome any limit and to get into their best physical shape

Cristina Hagiescu, known to her students as Dudu is a professional Zumba instructor and one of the Zumba Jammers. She is determined and full of energy and will certainly help you achieve your desired physique. Since 2010 she has been a Zumba instructor, working with many types of students and in a high variety of establishments. In her own words: "There’s no other fitness class like a Zumba Fitness-Party. It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating, often building a deep-rooted community among returning students."

Jani graduated from the National University of Physical and Sport Education, the Master of Rehabilitation and Motric and Somato Functional Education and Post Graduate Course of Psysical Coach. Also, she graduated one of the best international schools of Pilates (Basi),  has been an accredited teacher of yoga and pilates for more than 8 years and has an experience of over 10 years in the fitness industry. Always with a smile on her face, Jani is the instructor who will help you overcome your limits constantly.

Costin is a martial arts expert, with over 12 years of experience in kickboxing and muay Thai. His involvment in strength classes is obvious because of his prefectly defined phisique. His classes are always packed and he often has to rearrange the equipment in order to allow everybody to practice properly. He cares deeply for his pupils and their performance. When they’re ready to give up he always pushes them to surpass their limits and is very, very motivating. “If you care about what you do and you are really involved in it, people will sense it and come to you.”




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