Shiseido Spa

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Welcome to the 1st Shiseido Spa in Eastern Europe!

The Spa is complete with therapy suites, energy pool, chill relax spaces, Hammam, sauna and steam rooms, green tea terrace bar, intimate sundeck, hair and beauty salon, art gallery and, of course, the pilates and yoga studio.

Shiseido Spa

A fusion of Spa ambiance art and design

Shiseido, one of the most renowned skin care houses in the world launches its first dedicated Spa in eastern Europe, the first International Spa in Romania.

We invite you to an “around the clock” journey that will harmonise’ your physical, spiritual & emotional needs.  Our exclusive Spa menu of Shiseido treatments along with our lifestyle facilities, promises to uplift low spirits and replenish needy souls.

The design is set against vivid colors, playful scents, imaginative sounds, and energizing lights, it’s dramatic and daring, and it’s set to play with your senses and touch your soul.

Now you can experience  the world of Shiseido and discover Japanese savoir faire. Founded on 140 years of precious experience and Omotenashi, a word you have to translate with your heart, Omotenashi is about devotion to clients, this welcoming spirit of pure acceptance. Willingness and the devotion of our beauty therapists.

Experience the unique sensuality of Shiseido products, an approach that takes a holistic perspective, with scent and textures combined to provide a pure experience of luxury, everything is here for one thing: the absolute satisfaction of the client. In the philosophy of Shiseido Spa, everything is done for you to find your path to complete wellbeing and serenity.


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